2018 garlic growers

The scenic Mohawk Valley and surrounding area’s climate and soil is ideal for growing garlic and herbs––the quality is wonderful and you’ll be amazed at the dozens of distinct varieties.

Click on any of the vendors below to link over to their website or Facebook page for more information.

Argusville Farms, Richmondville, NY • ‘German White’ garlic

Bouchard Farm II, Little Falls, NY • organic garlic (‘Italian Purple Stripe’ and ‘Canadian Music’), seasonal produce

Caltabiano Farms, Phoenix, NY • garlic (soft neck, stiff neck) and garlic braids, flowers, seasonal produce

Conbeer’s Farm, Fonda, NY • organic garlic, garlic powder, canned and seasonal produce

Creekside Garlic Farm, Waterport, NY • garlic (‘Brown Rose’, ‘Deerfield Purple’, ‘French White’, ‘Thai Purple’, ‘Georgian Fire’, and more!)

Dancing Veggie Farm, Richfield Springs, NYgarlic (‘Elmer’s Topset’), garlic braids, garlic accessories, cookbooks, handcrafted brooms

Exeter Park Produce & Garlic, West Winfield, NY • ‘German White’, ‘Elmer’s Topset’, seed garlic, herbs, seasonal produce, eggs, bison meat, gluten-free items

Grandpa’s Garlic, Franklin, NY • 9 varieties of organic garlic and garlic scape pesto

Gray’s Garden and Greenhouse, St. Johnsville, NY • garlic (‘German White’, ‘German Red’), seasonal produce, mums

Guardis Garlic, Richfield Springs, NY • organic garlic, seasonal produce, herbs

Holdredge Enterprises, West Burlington, NY • garlic (‘Calabria’, ‘German White’, ‘Spanish Roja’, ‘Rosso di Sulmona’, black), garden tools

J.R. Enterprises, Ilion, NY • garlic, cut flowers, seasonal produce

L&D Farms, Little Falls, NY • black garlic, 13 varieties of hard-neck garlic

Lifson’s Garlic Farm, Rome, NY • garlic (‘Porcelain’, ‘Spanish Roja’, ‘German White’, ‘German Red’, ‘Rocambole’), garlic braids

MarJean Garlic, Mohawk, NY • certified organic ‘MarJean’ garlic

New England Twists, St. Johnsville, NY • 12 varieties of garlic

The Pasture, Fort Plain, NY • garlic (‘German White’, ‘Spanish Roja’), seasonal produce

Piacentino Farms, Deerfield, NY • ‘German White’ garlic seed, Black Garlic, canned goods

Ransom Hill Garlic, Jamesville, NY • garlic, garlic braids, peppers

Russell’s Berries and Vegetables, Frankfort, NYgarlic (‘Music’, ‘German White’, ‘German Red’, ‘Spanish Roja’), shallots

Salvere Garlic Farm, Marietta, NY • organic garlic (‘Chinese Red’, ‘Elephant’, ‘Georgian Fire’, ‘German Extra Hardy’, ‘German Red’, ‘Hungarian Purple’, and more!)

Sandy’s Candies, Richfield Springs, NY • garlic (Ukranian hardneck)

Summit Naturals, Summit, NY • garlic, honey, beeswax candles, catnip

Trader Rick’s Enterprises, Cooperstown, NY • organic black garlic, pickled products, seed garlic

Wolf Hollow Farms, Newport, NY • garlic (‘Italian Purple Stripe’, ‘Canadian Music’, ‘German White’, ‘Turkish Red’)